How Bank of Baroda Home Loan Eligibility Calculator Helps

Bank of Baroda Home Loan: Do you want to know the Bank of Baroda (BoB) home loan? You landed on the right page. BoB can be utilized to purchase house and plot, new home construction, and house remodel. The bank’s home loan interest rate begins from 7.25% p.a., which is one of the most alluring home loan rates in India. The banks’ home loan is featured with a longer loan period, extending as long as 30 years, and low processing fees, in the range of 0.25% – 0.50% of the loan sum. The loan can be benefited by both salaried and independently employed people.

Is Bank of Baroda the Best Choice for Home Loan?


The interest rate offered by the Bank of Baroda is reasonable and there were no loan processing charges which was a significant advantage. The bank offers helpful customer service. The interest rates on loans are good as the BoB is a Government bank. The staff in the bank provides great helpful assistance to avail of the loan amount on time.

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Loan Fee Calculator:

Normally, Home Loan EMIs comprise a huge extent of the family’s monthly expenses to pay for a significant period. Being a long tenure loan, the complete interest you pay on a lending loan for a long time can be more than the original loan amount you have obtained from the bank. Bank of Baroda Home Loan Interest rate Calculator online can assist you with figuring the interest rate you are qualified for and the absolute interest you will pay during the loan term. Some of the factors that are utilized for loan interest rate calculation are:

  • Borrower’s Occupation: Banks charge a marginally higher interest rate on home credits for independently employed when compared with that on loans for salaried borrowers.
  • Loan Amount: Bank of Baroda offers loans up to Rs. 50 Lakh at interest rate of 7.25% and loans of above Rs. 50 Lakh at interest rates between 7.25% to 8.25%.
  • Loan Type Selected: The bank likewise offers various rates on its different loan plans, for example, fixed-rate home loan, floating rate home loan and overdraft facility home loan, etc.
  • Existing bank customers: The bank may likewise offer lower interest to its current bank account holders to keep up its relationship.

Home Loan Eligibility Calculator:


Today estimating the loan amount with the salary you get, is nearly as simple and quick as the idea of getting a home loan to purchase your dream home. You should simply utilize the home loan eligibility calculator, switch around with the various qualities like your total compensation, previous EMIs you have, other pay, age, city, tenor selection among various components. Presently you may have basic inquiries concerning what is this calculator, how can it work and what is it’s benefits. Let’s have a look at the below paragraph.

Home Loan EMI Calculator:

Purchasing a home can cost you a fortune; in this way, you have home loans. But repaying such a colossal sum requires cautious planning. To do likewise, utilize Home Loan EMI Calculator. The credit mini-computer gives an estimate of regularly scheduled monthly payments to be paid towards loan repayment, helping you to plan your spending ways in a comfortable manner.


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